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I am Ian Bright, a 3D Artist specialising in character animation and rigging who can assist you with your production needs no matter where in the world you are. Whether it be key frame animation, or motion capture cleanup I can help you meet your desired quality level and deadlines. I am also able to assist with modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, VFX and architectural visualisation.

Based in beautiful Melbourne Australia I am available as a remote contractor.

My background is in cinematic and in-game animation and rigging for video games, also animation and rigging for commercials and television shows. I helped bring The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill to the small screen and created work for companies such as Krome Studios, Endgame, People’s Republic of Animation, Plastic Wax, Team Bondi and Rockstar on projects such as L.A. Noire, Fractured Soul: Deep Void and Bioshock Infinite.

Here you will find my LinkedIn Profile to help you decide if I am right for your project.

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Ian Bright
Email: iananimated@gmail.com